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Faulty Harness Adjusters Prompts Britax to Recall Over 14,000 Child Safety Seats

Car seat manufacturer Britax Child Safety Inc. has announced the recall of thousands of Chaperone Infant Child Restraint Systems over concerns that the harness adjuster may detach, failing to properly restrain a child in the event of a car crash. About 14,220 of the child safety seats that are affected in the US. Another 3,600 are part of a recall in Canada. The models involved were manufactured between 9/10 and 4/11 and are the:
• E9L692M
• E9L692K
• E9L692L
• E9L692J
Britax said it has received over 50 complaints involving the seat-harness adjuster separating from the car seat. The adjuster is supposed to loosen and tighten the belts that are supposed to keep the child properly secured. If the belts fail, the boy or girl in the car seat may not stay safely restrained during a collision. Britax says it isn’t aware of any injuries caused by this product defect.
Our child products liability lawyers cannot stress the importance of not only using a car seat that is working properly but also one that is the right size for your son or daughter. Not every car seat will work for every child nor will it work in every car. You must make sure that the seat is the right fit for a child’s height, weight, and age. You must also make sure that the child is properly harnessed to the seat so that in the event of a collision, he/she is protected as much as possible from the impact of the crash and stays safely seated.
Unfortunately, even when a guardian or parent does everything possible to make sure that a child is securely seated in the right car seat, there are design defects and malfunctions that can occur. A child whose car seat malfunctions or is defective may end up thrown into the seat in front, against or through the back window, or out of the vehicle. In the event of a rollover accident, the child or infant may end up striking the roof of the car. Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, organ damage, other serious injuries, and/or death may result.
At The Gilbert Law Group®, our car seat defect lawyers are experienced in pursuing personal injury damages from child car safety seat manufacturers. Over the years, we have secured verdicts and settlements worth millions of dollars for kids and their families.
Read the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Announcement of Britax’s Latest Child Safety Seat Recall
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Unfortunately, not all car seat defects are detected, which means there are defective child safety seats out there that could be endangering children’s lives. We understand how devastating it can be to know your child might have been spared so much pain and suffering if only a manufacturer had failed in its obligation to make a safe, working product.
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