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  • Why You Should Not Ignore Your Vehicle Recall Notice

    If you have owned several cars, chances are good you have probably received a notice from your auto manufacturer at some point informing you that your vehicle is subject to a recall and is eligible for free repairs. While many are tempted to toss these notices out with the rest of their junk mail, this can be a major mistake. Your Life Could Be At Risk Automotive safety recalls are only issued ...
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  • BMW Recalls Vehicles for Faulty Fuel Pump

    BMW USA has announced that it will recall as many as 154,000 vehicles due to an issue with the cars’ fuel pumps. According to Consumer Affairs, the cars’ loose wiring within the fuel pumps could cause a connector to melt over time, causing fuel to leak and possible vehicle stalling – a combination which can potentially lead to crashes. The recalled vehicles were manufactured between 2007 and 2012 ...
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  • Ford Recalls Roughly 830K Vehicles with Faulty Door Latches

    Ford has announced a massive recall of more than 830,000 vehicles in the United States and Mexico due to an issue with the vehicles’ door handles. According to Ford, the pawl spring tab in the side door latch of the affected vehicles has been known to break, causing the doors to fail to latch and possibly open while driving. As it stands, only one reported accident and one injury have been ...
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  • Nissan Issues 2014 Rogue Recall for Fuel Pump Issue

    Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announced it will be recalling approximately 47,000 2014 Rogue vehicles manufactured between July 25 th 2013 and June 7 th , 2014 due to an issue in the vehicles’ fuel pump. According to Nissan, the fuel pump defect can prevent the vehicles from starting and possibly cause the vehicles’ engines to fail while the cars are in motion, leading to collisions. The recalled vehicles ...
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  • Defective Clothing: Family Files $30 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Blair LLC After 80-Year-old Womans Chenille Bathrobe Catches Fire

    Nearly five years after Atwilda Brown died from severe injuries that she sustained when her chenille bathrobe caught fire, the elderly woman’s family is suing Blair LLC for her wrongful death. They are seeking $30 million. The 80-year-old was making tea on February 12, 2005 when the tragic accident caused by the defective clothing happened. She is one of nine people who have died because a Blair ...
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  • 475,000 Kids Under the Age of 14 Suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries

    According to EMS Magazine, some 475,000 US kids in the 14 and under age group suffer from traumatic brain injuries. While 90% of TBI kid patients are seen in emergency rooms and then released, there are still over 47,000 patients a year who end up hospitalized because of a TBI. Fall accidents, car accidents, and incidents involving the victim getting hit by or struck against a hard object continue ...
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