Sudden Acceleration Car Accidents

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Runaway cars crashing because of unexpected accelerations have caused the deaths of at least 89 people and severely injured many more. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received over 6,200 complaints about sudden acceleration in Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Catastrophic Injuries from Sudden Acceleration

Like any car accident, accidents caused by sudden acceleration are traumatic and can cause severe injury. However, because the cause of the accident is acceleration, the forces involved in the accident and the resulting injuries are often catastrophic, such as:catastrophic injury from sudden acceleration accident

These injuries require long-term medical care and rehabilitation, costing families mental, emotional, and financial stress. 

Recalls Don't Tell the Whole Story

Toyota has recalled a number of vehicles because of sticky accelerator pedals and floor mats. However, over half of the reported incidents of unintended acceleration involved Toyota and Lexus vehicles that were not subject to the recalls.

Check the manufacturer’s website to see if your car is on the recall list. If your car has been recalled, be sure to contact a Toyota dealer. There may be additional issues that the recall does not solve.

The Real Cause?

In 2014, Toyota agreed to pay $1.2 billion, the largest penalty ever imposed on an automaker, to avoid prosecution for continuing to manufacture cars that it knew could be deadly to consumers. In the past, Toyota tried to assure consumers that their vehicles were safe and that sudden accelerations were due to sticky floor mats or driver error.

There is now growing suspicion that sudden acceleration car accidents may be caused by a faulty electronic throttle system. The Electronic Throttle Control-intelligent (ETCS-i) throttle uses sensors to detect the position of the gas pedal and adjust the throttle.

The fully electronic system has no “fail safe” mechanical link between the gas pedal and the engine. Incidents of sudden unintended acceleration are disproportionately concentrated among vehicle models containing the ETCS-i system.

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