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Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals

The Gilbert Law Group® frequently accepts attorney referrals.

A large portion of the caseload of The Gilbert Law Group® comes from attorney referrals. Personal injury lawyers from across the United States frequently call upon our firm when they come across a complex case involving product defects, personal injury, and commercial litigation. We have handled complex, high-stakes cases throughout the country, including Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, California, Nebraska, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Florida, Texas, Utah, Washington, Georgia, West Virginia, New Mexico, Vermont, Wyoming, and Illinois.

The Gilbert Law Group® is unique among law firms which work on product defect cases. We are the only product defect law firm in the country with an in-house engineering department. This built-in advantage enables us to leverage our in-house technology and expertise to develop aggressive and innovative case strategies while protecting case value.

From day one, we use our expertise to conduct extensive case intake investigations with the anticipation that every case will proceed to trial.

Adhering Closely to All Professional Standards

The Gilbert Law Group® takes the professional standards of conduct very seriously when dealing with fellow lawyers. We are always considerate of the relationships our colleagues have with clients, and engage in fee sharing at the universally accepted rates.

Though most of our work involves product defect litigation, our lawyers also co-counsel complex personal injury cases. Our practice also encompasses auto accidents, trucking accidents, and commercial litigation.

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