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At The Gilbert Law Group®, we back up our aggressive representation with formidable engineering resources.

In-house engineering. We have full time engineering staff to provide technical assistance in our product liability actions. Andrew Kim, a mechanical engineer, has worked on hundreds of crashworthiness lawsuits involving the full range of vehicle defects, including failed seat belts, defective seatbacks, structural deficiencies, roof crush, inadequate side impact protection, rollover instability, and tire defects. Mr. Kim’s considerable expertise provides our lawyers with the technical knowledge necessary to pursue complex lawsuits.

Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI) and Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI). Mr. Kim is both CVFI and CFEI certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators after attending qualification courses and passing rigorous certification exams. Investigating fires and explosions in motor vehicles requires specific knowledge and expertise, which Mr. Kim can help provide for our motor vehicle accident and product liability cases.

Preparation of in-house exhibits. At The Gilbert Law Group®, we have prepared some of the most sophisticated courtroom and trial exhibits seen in automotive product liability cases.

Computer simulations. With assistance, in part, from Mr. Kim and other outside experts, we have prepared full scale computer simulations to demonstrate accident dynamics as well as the effects of alternative designs. We were the first plaintiffs law firm in the country to utilize the computer modeling program LS Dyna 3D in a crashworthiness case.

Computer simulations

Computer models. We routinely prepare, assist in and enlist the preparation of computerized models and exhibits, which can be shown to juries in a PowerPoint presentation on a large screen television. In one recent case, our firm and our experts prepared a series of computerized slides demonstrating how vehicle deformation in a rear impact caused a rear seated occupant to strike the roof and sustain serious spinal cord injuries.

Computer models

Testing. Crashworthiness cases frequently involve full scale vehicle and component testing. Mr. Kim has conducted in-house component testing on various parts of vehicles and has participated with other experts in more extensive testing.


Full scale vehicle mockups. We have prepared full size models of various portions of vehicles to demonstrate accident dynamics, vehicle performance and vehicle design and alternative design.

Full scale vehicle mockups

Car part models. Mr. Kim routinely sections and cuts apart vehicles for purposes of in-court displays and models. In one recent case, he cut floor and pillar sections from over a dozen wrecked vehicles.

Car part models

Accident reconstruction & defect analysis. Accident reconstruction is a critical element of any crashworthiness cases. Our in-house expertise in this area is useful in screening cases and assessing the merits of a crashworthiness case.

Extensive technical library & databases. At The Gilbert Law Group®, we maintain an extensive technical and video library on auto safety issues, containing technical papers, government research and studies, and crash testing conducted by the government, manufacturers, and researchers. These resources were selectively gathered by our firm’s lawyers during litigation.