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American Airlines Cancels Over 2,000 Flights This Week To Conduct Plane Safety Inspections

American Airlines announced this week that it was canceling over 2,000 flights to conduct safety inspections on a number of jets. The cancellations affected flights taking off on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and more cancellations may be announced. The airline company also canceled several hundred flights last month for more inspections.
Inspectors want to make sure that the airline company is in compliance of a federal order providing instruction on the way that the wires in the wheels of MD-80 jets should be bundled. Many of the jets have reportedly passed inspection.
American Airlines is not the first airline in recent weeks to ground its flights over safety concerns. Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Midwest Airlines, and United Airlines have also cancelled flights so that their planes could undergo inspection.
Federal law makers are accusing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of getting too close to the airline industry that it isn’t doing a proper job of protecting passenger safety. Federal Aviation Administration Administrator Nicholas Sabatini disputes this criticism, saying that the FAA has achieved 99 percent safety compliance.
Last month, the FAA fined Southwest with a $10.2 million civil penalty for missing safety inspections. The airline company turned itself in upon discovering the discrepancy, but continued to use the planes for passenger flights. Southwest’s failure to check its planes’ fuselages for cracks is one of the reasons that the FAA is now doing an audit of all airlines’ maintenance records.
The FAA will use its 10 airworthiness directives when inspecting the other airlines.
Aviation Accidents
Accidents involving airline carriers, private jets, helicopters, charter planes, and other kinds of planes often lead to catastrophic injuries—if, that is, there are any survivors. It is important that the airplanes are properly maintained at all times. A faulty engine that malfunctions from thousands of feet above the ground can lead to deadly consequences for the pilot, a plane’s passengers, and people on the ground.
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