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Consumer Safety Bill Bans Lead from Toys

On Thursday, US President Bush signed a consumer safety bill that prohibits lead—except for the smallest levels—in products made for kids 12 years of age and under. The measure, formally called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, also bans chemical phthalates from children’s products.
The bill, which received overwhelming support in both the US House and Senate, addresses the concern that toys and other kids’ products can be dangerous. This worry reached new heights last year when over 45 million children’s products, many of them made in China, were recalled. High levels of lead in the paint used on many of the products was one of the reasons for many of the recalls.

The new law will allow for widespread reforms that will force product manufacturers and retailers to exercise greater safety precautions when making and selling products—especially those that are for children. The legislation mandates that infant products and toys undergo testing before they are sold, authorizes the creation of the first public consumer complaint database, increases civil penalties for those that violate Consumer Product Safety Commission laws, and offers protection to whistleblowers.
The CPSC, which came under fire last year over its failure to monitor toys imported into the country from abroad, will have an opportunity to do a more thorough job. The new legislation double’s the CPSC’s budget to $136 million by 2014 and gives it new authorities for supervising testing procedures and punishing violators.
According to the CPSC, over 33 million people sustained injuries last year because of contact with an unsafe product. Some 28,000 million people die each year in the United States alone because of products that are defective or unsafe for use.
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