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CPSC Warns Parents Not to Use Simplicity Bassinets Following Two Infant Deaths

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is telling parents to stop letting their babies sleep in the “close-sleeper/bedside sleeper” bassinets that are made by Simplicity, Inc. The warning comes following two deaths linked to the sleepers and the refusal of SFCA Inc., the company that purchased Simplicity Inc.’s assets, to issue a recall. SFCA says it is not responsible for the products that Simplicity made in the past.
The CPSC says that the 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 convertible bassinets have metal bars that are spaced too far apart and do not meet federal standards. The bars have a fabric flap covering that is attached using velcro. If the flap is not properly secured, a baby could become trapped between the bars and get seriously hurt or die. SFCA Inc., however, says it is not responsible for products that Simplicity made prior to the acquisition.

Last week, a 5-month-old baby was strangled to death after she got caught between the metal bars of a Simplicity bassinet. Another baby died in a similar accident in a Simplicity bassinet last September.
The CPSC has compiled data related to infant bassinet-related deaths between 1990 and 2004, including:

  • There were 53 infant deaths in bassinets.
  • 85% of the deaths happened because the infant was not getting enough oxygen.
  • Asphyxiation and suffocation are two common bassinet-related injuries that can lead to death.
  • Many personal injuries and wrongful deaths that occur in bassinets and cribs are preventable.

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