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Millions of Motor Vehicles in the US Could Have Tires Fitted With Defective Tire Valve Stems

There is growing concern that there may be millions of motor vehicles with defective tire valve stems that are currently being driven on US roads. Concern over the hazards associated with defective tire valve stems caught the media spotlight last year, when a Florida man died after the valve stem in one of his tires cracked, causing a rollover crash.
The valve stem believed to have triggered his motor vehicle crash was linked to distributor Dill Air Control Products. The company has since then issued a warning to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that up to 30 million valve stems made by a Shanghai Baolong Industries subsidiary may be out in the US market.
The tire valve stem is the tiny device that keeps the air in a tire. The worry is that the defective tire valve stems could crack prematurely, which could cause the tires to lose air. The loss of tire pressure can then cause the tires to become damaged or underinflated, which may lead to motor vehicle crashes involving serious injuries or deaths.
In June, Tech International, another US parts distributor, announced its voluntary recall of some six million valve stems, also made in China by the same distributor. While only 8,600 of the 6 million recalled stems are believed to be defective, no one knows which motor vehicles were fitted with the defective valve stems.
Safety advocates are encouraging drivers to inspect their valve stems and check the pressure on their tires—especially if they received a replacement tire after July 2006.
If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash caused by a defective auto part, our experienced auto products liability law firm would like to talk to you.
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