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Family Suing DuPont For Alleged Asbestos Exposure Seeking Over $30 Million

Frances Barras, a Texas woman, is suing DuPont , Guard-Line, Union Carbide, Anchor Packing Co., Ingersoll-Rand, Guard-Line, Owens-Illinois, and a few other industrial companies for allegedly exposing her to asbestos because she would inhale fibers from her husband’s clothing when doing his laundry.

Barras’s husband Louis worked as a refinery worker at the DuPont facility in Beaumont. Barras says the asbestos dust and fibers coming from his work clothes, hair, and body caused her to become ill. As part of her duties, she would wash his work clothes, replace washing machine lint filters, clean the laundry area, and ride in the car that her husband would take to work.

Barras says that the asbestos came from the products sold by the defendants, who were negligent in manufacturing and distributing goods with asbestos. In her lawsuit, filed in Jefferson County District Court in Texas earlier this month, Barras says that DuPont should have realized that employees exposed to asbestos could unwittingly spread the fibers to others, including family members.

Louis and the couple’s children are also plaintiffs in the case. They say that DuPont was negligent in causing Frances’s asbestos exposure because of its:

  • Failure to execute precautions to ensure that asbestos fibers did not leave the work area.
  • Failure to properly warn of the health risks that come with asbestos exposure.
  • Failure to provide a place where employees’ clothes could be laundered.
  • Failure to educate workers about wearing protective gear.

The lawsuit alleges that all of the defendants allowed each other to behave negligently and Frances was harmed as a result. The Barras family is suing the defendants for $30 million.

DuPont and other industrial companies have used asbestos as a fire retardant and for insulation for years. Asbestos is made up of minerals that have tiny fibers, which can be dangerous—even fatal—if inhaled. It is believed that many companies were aware of the health risks associated with asbestos but continued to expose workers to the substance. Many companies continue to use asbestos.

Diseases associated with asbestos exposure include:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Pleural disease
  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma

DuPont has been named as a defendant in numerous lawsuits alleging that the company has exposed workers, consumers, and others to hazardous substances. Our consumer safety law firm has successfully filed lawsuits against some of the largest corporate giants in the U.S. for the harm that their negligence has caused our clients. One of our asbestos lawsuit lawyers can discuss your case with you during a free consultation.

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