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Auto Recall Numbers Rose in 2007

More than 14.2 million motor vehicles were recalled in 2007. This figure is 25% higher than the 11.2 million vehicles that were called back in 2006. However, this latest figure is still significantly lower than the 30.8 million motor vehicles that were recalled in 2004. Final numbers for this year will be released later this month.
Major auto recalls last year included 2007 models, as well as models from previous years—although the majority of cars recalled were older models. One reason for this is that it can take awhile to discover that there are problems with a motor vehicle or automobile part.
Among the Biggest Recalls:
Ford Motor Co. recalled more than four million motor vehicles this year: Recalls included 3.6 million motor vehicles manufactured in the 90′s because of a speed control deactivation switch problem. The automobile maker also recalled 1,094,664 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors from its 2005, 2004, and 2003 lines because of possible cracks in the tires’ welds.
Volkswagen’s 2001-2007 New Beetles: More than one million Beatles were recalled because of a brake light switch that could potentially malfunction.
Toyota’s Sequoia (2004-2007 models) and Tundra (2004-2007 models): The recall was issued to determine whether the front suspension lower ball joints needed to be replaced on 533,124 Toyota trucks.
Dodge Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Nitro, 2006 and 2007 models: 297,000 electronic brake control modules needed to be replaced so a delay didn’t occur when a driver stepped on the brake while driving up an incline.
Honda’s 2006 and 2007 Civics: 180,000 compact cars were recalled for inspection to make sure that the wheel sensors were properly installed so that the tires would not fall off the vehicles.
Jeep Liberty (2007 and 2006) : The heating and air conditioning blowers on 149,605 of these SUV’s had to be replaced to prevent overheating.
One reason for the problems and defects is that auto manufacturers are using the same parts and platforms for their vehicles. This means that the same problems tend to occur across the different makes and models. However, what can seem like a simple brake or tire problem can lead to serious injuries and deaths when the inability to brake properly leads to a deadly multi-car accident at an intersection or a pedestrian getting killed.
If you or anyone you love was injured in an auto accident because of a defective tire, faulty breaks, a seatbelt that malfunctioned, a problem with the wiring of the car’s engine, or any other motor vehicle-related malfunction, you should speak with an attorney at our auto accident law firm. Our motor vehicle crash lawyers are also experienced in cases involving products liability and product safety.
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