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Fire Safety Concerns Lead to Recalls of More Than 185,000 Decorative Candles

Three companies that manufacture decorative candles have issued voluntary recalls due to fears that their candles pose a fire hazard to users.
Just this week, Nordstrom recalled 2,500 Taper and Votive Candles due to concerns that the exterior coating on the candle could easily ignite. Flames or smoke coming from the candle itself was reported in four incidents. The recall affects Nordstrom’s “At Home” votive candles and 10-inch taper candles.
On January 17, Wick and Petal & Co. recalled all of its 1300 jar candles following several reported incidents involving candles burning with a higher-than-average flame. One incident caused minor property damage. The candle company says that an inconsistency in the raw materials provided by a manufacturer may have been the cause of the flames rising too high.
On the same day, Pottery Barn announced a recall of 185,000 Round and Egg-Shaped Decorative Candles for the same reason. All styles in this candle line were recalled: 9444811, 9444928, 9444936, 9444944, 9444944, 9445214, 9445222, 9445222, and 9445313.
Candles, in general, can be a fire hazard if not used properly. The National Candle Association says that the improper use of candles is the cause of about 18,000 residential fires each year. Many fires are started because someone left a candle unattended, placed one too close to a curtain or blanket, or allowed a child to play next to a candle. Soot from candles can cause damage to the walls, ceilings, and floors of the building.
This is why it is so important for candles to be properly designed and manufactured to begin with. Making a candle with the wrong type of wick, the wrong fragrance, or a case that is too big or too small can create a fire hazard that can cause serious burn injuries, death, or property damage.
Burn injuries are extremely painful and can require extensive and expensive medical care. The personal property that can be destroyed in a fire—and the memories that go up in smoke along with them—can be irreplaceable. Having one’s home destroyed in a fire is never an easy experience to recover from financially or emotionally.
Manufacturers and distributors of consumer products must make sure that their products are free from any defects that can cause serious injury or harm to users or those around them. If a person gets hurt or dies because of a defective product, he or she may have grounds to file a products liability claim or lawsuit.
Our products liability law firm has helped many consumers throughout the United States obtain injury compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, other losses, or the deaths of loved ones.
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