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Latest Magnetic Building Kit Recall Is A Reminder That Swallowing Magnets Can Cause Serious Injuries

Battat Inc. is recalling 125,000 of its Battat Magnabild Magnetic Building Systems following 16 reported incidents of small magnets falling out of some of the building pieces. Consumers are being asked to take the building kits away from children immediately.
No injuries have been reported in connection to this recall so far, but the danger that small magnets can pose to children who accidentally swallow more than one magnet can be fatal. In the last two years, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued several recalls of over eight million products–many of them toys–due to magnet-related concerns. The problem with making small magnetic pieces available to children is that swallowing more than one magnet can cause serious intestinal and stomach injuries.
Asphyxiation can result. Two magnets drawn to each other in a person’s intestinal walls can lead to blood poisoning and blocks or holes in the intestine. In the event that a child ends up swallowing several magnets, surgery may have to be performed to extricate the magnets. Parts of the intestine may also have to be removed. The injuries caused by swallowing magnetic objects can sometimes be fatal.
Young children and toddlers are especially at risk of magnet-related injuries because they have a tendency to put small objects in their mouths. One boy, a 20-month-old toddler, died from his injuries. There are 33 other reported cases of injuries involving children swallowing magnet. The youngest injury victim was 10-months-old, while the oldest victim was 11.
If your son or daughter was seriously injured because of a toy that is defective or lacked the proper safety measures to ensure that it is safe for kids, you should speak with one of our products liability lawyers right away. Our consumer protection law firm is dedicated to helping injured children and adults obtain personal injury compensation for the harm that was caused to them by a defective or dangerous product.
Physical symptoms to indicate that your child may have swallowed a magnet can include nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, and diarrhea.
What To Do If Your Child Swallows a Magnet:

  • Get medical help right away.
  • Ask the doctor to check any x-rays to see if more than one magnet was swallowed.
  • Contact our product safety law firm to explore your legal options.

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