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More Toys Recalled Over Excessive Levels of Lead

It is only the middle of January and already four products have been recalled due to excessive levels of lead. On Tuesday, A.A. of America Inc. recalled 5,400 Toy Wrestler Figures because the product’s surface paint had levels of lead that violated the U.S.’s federal lead paint standard.
Similar concerns were the reason for the recalls last week by Kash N’ Gold Ltd. of 60,000 Tinker Bell Novelty Lamps, which were sold at U.S. appliance and electronic stores last year, and the 1,300 Fish Coin Bank that were given away by the North Carolina Coastal Federal Credit Union. Tricam Industries recalled 15,000 of its metal Toy Wagons on January 3 also because of lead concerns.
Of the more than 20 million toys that the U.S. Product Safety Commission recalled last year—excessive levels of lead was one of the primary concerns. And the toy recalls continue—even as China and Hong Kong take steps to regain consumer confidence.
At the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair last week, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Toys Advisory Committee Chairman Jeffrey Lam stressed that the majority of toys manufactured in the two countries are of the highest level in quality and safety. 75% of the world’s toys are made in Hong Kong and China.
The Toy Wrestler Figures, Coin Fish Banks, and Toy Wagons were manufactured in China, while the Tinker Bell Lamps were made in Hong Kong. Consumers are asked to stop using all products and to keep them away from children.
Lead Poisoning
Exposure to lead can pose serious health risks—especially to children, whose bodies and brains tend to absorb and be affected by lead more easily than adults’ bodies. A 6-year-old girl playing with a toy with excessive levels of lead can get very sick after putting her hand in her mouth or inhaling paint chips that have come from the toy. Lead poisoning in children can lead to brain damage, stunted growth, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and hearing problems.
Adults, however, are not exempt from lead poisoning. Exposure to high levels of lead can cause reproductive problems, digestive disorders, memory problems, high blood pressure, and other health issues.
Lead poisoning happens after the toxic levels that have entered the body start to build up. While some symptoms occur right away, others may develop over time.
If your child is a victim of lead poisoning because of exposure to high levels of lead from a toy or any other product, you should contact our products liability law firm immediately. You may be entitled to receive personal injury compensation.
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