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830,000 Waxcessories Electric Simmer Pots Recalled Because Loose Wire Connections May Cause Electric Shock

On April 24, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Waxcessories® Inc. announced the voluntary recall of 830,000 electric simmer pots. There have been over 160 reports of wires and cords coming loose from the pots, and Waxcessories® and the CPSC were concerned of the electric shock and fire hazards that the simmer pots might pose to users.
No injuries have been reported so far. The simmer pots are used for melting scented wax and were made in China. All Waxcessories® electric simmer pot designs and styles are included in the recall.

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Electrocution Injuries
Defective products can lead to all kinds of serious injuries, including burn injuries and electrocution injuries. A person can sustain an electric shock injury when he or she comes into direct physical contact with an electrical current or an electrical source.
A person may experience electric shock from a defective hair dryer, heater, household appliance, an electrical work tool, or any other product requiring the use of electricity. Improperly installed power lines in homes and offices and other public premises can also lead to serious—even fatal—electric shock injuries.
The strength of the current and the parts of the body that are affected by electric shock can determine the seriousness of the injury.
Symptoms of electrical shock are not always evident, but serious injuries can include cardiac arrest, burn injuries to the skin, nerve or muscle damage, respiratory failure, hearing problems, seizures, deformity or broken bones at the point of contact on the body, spinal cord injuries, and unconsciousness after direct contact with an electrical source.
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