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Walt Disney Recalls Pirates of the Caribbean Sleeping Bags and Tinker Bell Wands Because of Lead Paint Violations

Last week, Walt Disney Store announced the recall of 8,000 Tinker Bell wands and 4,100 Pirates of the Caribbean sleeping bags due to excessive levels of lead. Both products were made in China.
The sleeping bags’ zippers contain lead paint. The wands have lead paint on their pearl beads. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that there have been no reports of injuries related to the products.
The products were sold in Disney Stores from April to October 2007. Consumers are instructed to stop using the products immediately and return them for a full refund.

Disney began independent tests on all of its toys last September after Mattel began recalling millions of toys. Mattel’s recall included 436,000 “Sarge” cars from the Disney-Pixar movie “Cars.” Disney mandates that its toy makers test every toy for lead before shipping them.
Exposure to excessive levels of lead can lead to serious injuries, including seizures, learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, and death. Why, then, were toys even made using such high levels of lead paint?

In China, where many of the toys recalled because of too much lead are made, paint with greater levels of lead are less costly than paint with low lead levels. Using paint with high levels of lead reportedly also results in richer paint colors.
Even though China has a tougher paint standard, at no greater than 90 parts of lead per million, than the US’s standard, which allows up to 600 parts per million, enforcement of lead regulation in China is more relaxed. Many paints in China when tested reportedly exceed the US standard for lead.
Sometimes, there are no signs to indicate exposure to excessive levels of lead. Potential indicators of lead poisoning in children include appetite loss, stomach problems, sleeping difficulties, and problems paying attention.
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