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Construction Safety Record Shows Remarkable Progress since 1998

According to a study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America (“AGCA”), construction fatality rates have declined 47% since the passage in 1998 of federal oversight legislation that introduced a “collaborative safety” approach, safety incidents declined by 38% over the same time period.
This collaborative approach rewards contractors for finding and fixing safety problems before an accident occurs. The legislation provides for stiff penalties for companies that permit safety problems to exist until someone is hurt or killed.
During the 1998-2007 study period, the value and size of the construction market grew significantly, according to Chuck Penn, the executive director of the AGCA’s Shreveport chapter. Thus, the major decrease in accidents and deaths is even more remarkable.
[Source: “National Construction Fatality Rate Declines 47%, Associated General Contractors of America,” 8/25/09 news release on]