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Do Tanning Beds Cause Cancer?

According to international cancer experts, tanning beds can cause cancer. Analysis of some 20 studies have found that people who start using tanning beds before they turn 30 see a 75% increase in their chances of getting skin cancer. The new findings by the World Health Organization can be found in Lancet Oncology, a medical journal.
Whereas before scientists had spoken about tanning beds as “probable carcinogens” and that only one kind of ultraviolet radiation was considered lethal (tanning bed supporters have long maintained that the beds use a different kind of ultraviolet light than the light that comes from the sun), experts are now saying that all kinds of ultraviolet radiation are carcinogenic. This confirms that ultraviolet radiation and tanning beds definitely can cause cancer.
Most tanning beds’ lights emit ultra violet radiation that can lead to eye cancer and skin cancer. Tanning beds increase the risk of a person developing melanoma by 20% and also can cause benign skin cancers. Melanoma is the most serious kind of skin cancer and can prove fatal if not treated as quickly as possible.
Doctors are now confirming that as more people under 30 use tanning beds, more young adults are being diagnosed with cancer.
This new information is disturbing, considering that in the US alone over 28 million Americans a year go to about 25,000 tanning salons and other businesses where they can get their tans while indoors. The motivation has been that using a tanning bed is safer than getting a tan while baking under the sun.
If you are suffering from cancer because you used a tanning bed, you may have grounds for filing a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the tanning bed. Tanning beds can also cause other injuries, including corneal burns, retinal damage, and sunburns, as well as lead to wrinkles and premature aging.
It is the responsibility of the tanning bed manufacturer to make sure that their products do not cause personal injuries.
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