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Our Thanks to the Men and Women of the Military

Irrespective of your opinion about whether we should be at war in two countries or whether these wars are just, the brave men and women who have voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way nevertheless deserve our heartfelt thanks for their sacrifices and bravery.
These men and women unselfishly uprooted themselves from their homes, families and friends to volunteer in the military, not knowing whether they would be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan as front-line troops. And we should not forget those who serve as support personnel– who ensure that those in the battle zones are properly supplied with intelligence information, weapons, food, clothing, medical care and treatment and other vital support.
This resilient country of ours has survived major world wars and many other military actions that became known as “conflicts” or “police actions” or similar euphemisms. Those who died or were wounded and possibly disfigured, who lost their eyesight or hearing, or who returned home with severe mental trauma from the horrors of battle, were no less brave simply because they were not involved in what we call “war.”
During this holiday season, therefore, let us all take time to remember these courageous troops and the sacrifices they and their families have made and are making. For as the author José Narosky said, “In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.”