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Forbes Compiles Its 2009 Most Dangerous Motor Vehicle List

According to Forbes magazine, financial troubles don’t seem to be stopping automakers, including giant vehicle manufacturers General Motors and Ford Motor Co., from making unsafe motor vehicles. This month, the media giant issued its list of the 16 “Most Dangerous Vehicles of 2009.”
The list was compiled using results from tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. While the NHTSA issued up to 5-star ratings for rollover safety, the IIHS ranked vehicles based on the trauma that could result during frontal and side crashes. The 16 vehicles on the list, made up of small trucks, mid-sized sedans, trucks, wagons, and crossovers, scored the lowest number of compiled points.

Forbes’ 2009 Most Dangerous Motor Vehicle List:
1) Chevrolet Colorado
2) Chevrolet Aveo
3) Chevrolet Trailblazer
4) Chrysler PT Cruiser
5) Dodge Nitro
6) Ford Ranger
7) GMC Envoy
8) GMC Canyon
9) Hummer H3
10) Hyandai Accent
11) Jeep Liberty
12) Jeep Wrangler
13) Sukuki Equator
14) Nissan Frontier
15) Mazda B Series
16) Kia Rio
The Kia Rio sedan, the Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV, and the Ford Ranger pickup scored the lowest points.
While Forbes is is quick to caution that just because a motor vehicle made the 2009 list doesn’t mean that a consumer shouldn’t buy the vehicle, the media giant says that it is very important for consumers to be aware of which areas of safety each vehicle failed to perform well in. Forbes also recommends that buyers know whether their vehicle comes with rear head restraints, standard side-curtain airbags, and electronic stability control. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that ESC decreases the chances of passenger rollovers by 64%, single-car collisions by 26%, and single crash SUV rollovers by 85%.
Regardless of the poor financial climate and their decreased funds, auto manufacturers are responsible for making sure that they make and sell motor vehicles that are safe for use. When failure to provide a car, SUV, or truck with proper frontal or side protection or the manufacture of defective air bags, seat belts, or other auto parts results in serious injuries or deaths, the automaker can be held liable with anauto product liability claim or a wrongful death lawsuit.
Most Dangerous Vehicles Of 2009,, February 6, 2009
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
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