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Serious Airbag Defect Leads Honda to Recall 440,000 More Civics, Accords, and Acura TLs

American Honda Motor Company says it is adding another 440,000 Honda autos to a recall it announced last November over a possible defect in the vehicles’ airbag inflation systems. 2001 Civics, 2001-2002 Accords, and 2002-2003 Acura TL’s are included in this expanded recall, but not all autos from these model years are part of the recall.
At least one death and six injuries are being linked to the airbag defect, which involves “airbag inflators that produce over-pressurization of the driver’s front airbag inflator mechanism” when the airbag deploys. This can cause a rupture in the inflator casing. Metal fragments might then go through the airbag cushion’s cloth material, possibly injuring or killing a vehicle occupant.
Car owners whose vehicles may be potentially affected by the recall will get a recall notice in the mail. Honda also has directed owners that have models mentioned to check the car maker’s Web site for more information (see link below).
While airbags are designed to keep people safe during a car accident, this isn’t always the case. One reason for this is that the increase in airbag manufacturing has led to an increase in injuries caused by defective air bag systems.
According to, in the last 21 years, frontal air bags saved the lives of 25,782 people. However, in order to save people’s lives, the airbag has to deploy in the correct way at the correct time. In the last 12 years, over 4 million motor vehicles have been recalled because of possible air defects. There also have been numerous air bag-related complaints that did not necessarily warrant a recall but still may have caused injuries.
It can be frustrating to know that your loved one’s life might have been saved if only a particular airbag deployed correctly or did not pose another type of safety hazard that caused serious injury. Injuries caused by any vehicle defect can be grounds for an auto products liability lawsuit.
When an auto manufacturer makes a mistake by designing a defective airbag system and someone dies or gets hurt, it is time to see if the car maker can be held liable for products liability.
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