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Burn and Electrocution Injuries Are Reasons for Latest CPSC Recalls of Heaters, Holiday Lights, Waffle Makers, and Tealight Candleholders

In the last four days, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recalls of four products due to concerns that they could pose an electrical or fire hazard to users. Products that are part of the recalls include:
Approximately 13,000 Ritchie immersion heaters: The reason for the recall is that there is a possibility the heater could crack, exposing the heating element in the heater to water. If this happens, someone who comes in contact with the heater could experience electric shock. To date, there have been 44 reports of heater covers cracking. Fortunately, no one has been injured so far. With the cold weather expected to last in many parts of the United States for at least several more weeks, however, now is a good time to return these heaters and get them replaced.
Holiday Ultra-Brite Lights distributed by Universal Distribution Center: Some 52,000 products are part of this recall. A defect involving undersized wires could cause the light sockets to become exposed if the wires separate from the plugs. The CPSC is concerned that this product may pose a fire or electric shock hazard to users.

All-Clad 4-Square Belgian Waffle Makers, distributed by All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC: The waffle maker’s wiring is easily damaged and could pose a shock or fire hazard if someone were to come in contact with the waffle maker’s metal parts. Already there have been 20 reports of the waffle makers giving out sparks. No injuries have been reported so far. These waffles are sold only through Williams-Sonoma.
Approximately 430 Tealight Candleholders, which are sold at Seventh Avenue and distributed by Berkeley Designs: The CPSC says the resin accents on the candleholder’s sides could ignite and cause a fire. While no injuries have been reported, there is one report of a candleholder catching fire.
Defective Household Products
While household products and furniture items may seem like useful and generally harmless items to have in your home and around your children, there are those products that are defectively made or end up malfunctioning that could pose a serious physical threat or health risk to you and your family. Dangerous electrical appliances, such as defective microwaves, washing machines, stereos, coffee makers, dishwashers, heaters, refrigerators, and other products that require the use of electricity can turn into dangerous products that leave you vulnerable to electrocution injuries, electrical burns, burn injuries, or death. A small fire caused by a defective electrical appliance or another item requiring the use of flames could rapidly turn into a devastating blaze that could destroy not just your home but the lives of those you love.
The manufacturers of household products and other consumer goods must be held accountable if a defective or malfunctioning product causes an injury or death. Filing a products liability lawsuit is one way to hold the negligent party liable.
Ritchie Immersion Heaters Recalled By Springfield Wire Due to Shock Hazard, CPSC, March 4, 2009
Holiday Lights Recalled by Universal Distribution Center Due to Shock and Fire Hazard, CPSC, March 4, 2009
All-Clad Recalls 4-Square Belgian Waffle Makers Due to Shock Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Williams-Sonoma, CPSC, March 4, 2009
Seventh Avenue Recalls Tealight Candleholders Due to Fire Hazard, CPSC, March 3, 2009
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