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Colorado Business Litigation Risks, Part II

In a previous post about high risk and Colorado business litigation, I reminded companies who hire lawyers by the hour of the substantial expense of that arrangement as well as the potential conflict of interest between the business and its lawyers. Now, let’s look at a couple of other risks.
Risk #3: Lack of courtroom experience. The law firm who bills you hourly often has a bunch of junior associates who do most of the case preparation. The lawyer who will try the case, though, is rarely involved in the early stages. Why would you want lawyers preparing your important case when the lawyers may never have tried a lawsuit? Some of them have never been inside a courtroom. Hiring an injury lawyer who agrees not to be paid unless you recover money means that your lawyer will be involved from the very beginning. No more junior associates churning out huge monthly attorneys’ fees.
Risk #4: Case becomes too technical. You don’t need a lawyer who knows the nooks and crannies of arcane accounting practices and has memorized the footnotes to the rules of the SEC. When you sue a brain surgeon who has made a mistake, don’t look for a lawyer who has been to medical school. Look for a good injury lawyer. When your family has been injured because of a design defect in an automobile, don’t hire a lawyer who has been trained as a mechanical engineer. Hire an injury lawyer. Injury lawyers understand how to simplify the case and keep the jury focused on the trial story and not on accounting practices.
I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss with you or one of your customers how we can work with you on select high risk / high reward business litigation. We work on a contingent fee basis. Contingent fees are not just for injured people. They also work well for commercial/financial institutions who do not want to front large legal fees in a case where success is not assured. In those cases, we become your partner. We do not take a fee unless we recover money for you. Contact me.