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Blog Posts in May, 2009

  • Using Plaintiff Injury Attorneys for Colorado Business Litigation

    More and more Denver businesses are recognizing the opportunities for hiring a plaintiff’s injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis for their business litigation needs. These high risk/high reward cases are being handled by injury lawyers because Colorado businesses understand that their recoveries will be maximized by seasoned litigators. Business litigation in Colorado follows a national trend. ...
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  • CPSC: Almost 300 US Children Under Age 5 Drown in Pools and Spas Each Year

    With summer fast approaching, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has revealed its latest figures on child drowning injuries and deaths in pools and spas. According to the CPSC, almost 300 children under age 5 drown in spas and pools annually, while 3,000 young kids sustain injuries that require emergency medical attention. Also: 2/3rds of the victims killed or injured in pools and spas are ...
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  • Insider Trading: A New Twist

    When someone mentions “insider trading”, Colorado residents may think of Joe Nacchio and Jeff Skilling. These gentlemen are examples of highly paid and high powered corporate executives who don’t need to guess at how the shares of their company will be valued. They do not need to guess whether the value of shares will go up or down. They know things the rest of us do not know. For example, they ...
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  • Auto Products Liability: Will New Fuel Economy Standard Compromise Vehicle Safety?

    The Obama Administration’s recent unveiling of a new fuel economy and emissions initiative is raising some issues of concern over whether the proposed changes will compromise auto safety. If finalized, the initiative would establish a fuel economy standard of 35.5 mph by 2016. Vehicle categories covered under this joint rulemaking put forth by the Department of Transportation and the Environmental ...
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  • Nationwide Click It or Ticket Campaign A Reminder of How Seat Belts-When Defect-Free-Can Save Lives

    According to the US Department of Transportation, each year 22,372 serious injuries and 1,652 traffic deaths could be prevented by the use of seat belts, which reportedly saved 15,147 lives in 2007, if seat belt use rates in each use state was at 90%. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood calls safety belt use the “most effective traffic safety device every invented.” To show people how serious ...
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  • Auto Products Liability Lawsuit Blames Toyota for Toddlers Death

    A California family is suing Toyota for wrongful death. The Benson family contends that the car manufacturer failed to properly notify them that the steering relay rod in their motor vehicle was defective and, as a result, their 18-month-old toddler died in an auto crash. The deadly California car accident occurred on Christmas Eve in 1997 when the steering relay rod, which connects the two ...
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  • Anatomy of a Fire investigation: Georgetown Library Fire (April 30, 2007)

    Two years ago, a fire at the Georgetown Library in Washington, D.C. destroyed historical documents and expensive artwork. The fire occurred while the building was being renovated. Library employees arriving at work the morning of the fire remember seeing fire in the middle of the roof and assumed that’s where the fire began. Later, the fire pattern led investigators to conclude that the “origin” ...
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  • Catastrophic Colorado Fire: Do You Have an Escape Plan?

    In my blog a few days ago, I explained why fires are among the most destructive – and deadly – man-made catastrophes; how, in a few minutes, a building can go from a few flickers of flame to a total fire-charred rubble. I also provided some examples of public assembly buildings burned to the ground killing and injuring hundreds. In my next blog, I will take you through a typical “origin and cause” ...
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  • Federal Government Improves Rollover Protection by Doubling New Roof Safety Standard for Light Vehicles and Introducing Standards for Heavier Autos

    To increase occupant protection during rollover accidents, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is instituting new roof safety standards for light vehicles and heavier vehicles that will result in dramatically stronger vehicle roof structures. Under the new standard, light vehicles weighing up to 6,000 pounds will have to withstand a force of three times the vehicle’s weight. This is ...
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