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Using Plaintiff Injury Attorneys for Colorado Business Litigation

More and more Denver businesses are recognizing the opportunities for hiring a plaintiff’s injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis for their business litigation needs. These high risk/high reward cases are being handled by injury lawyers because Colorado businesses understand that their recoveries will be maximized by seasoned litigators.
Business litigation in Colorado follows a national trend. The following are examples of decisions by corporate counsel to hire injury lawyers for high risk/high reward litigation:
A personal injury lawyer in Florida was used in a securities fraud suit against an investment bank. The injury lawyer obtained a $1.4 billion dollar verdict.
A New York personal injury lawyer is representing an insurance company in litigation arising out of the September 11, 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center. Suit is against an airline and airport security to recoup costs paid out for losses covered by insurance.
A plaintiff’s injury lawyer in Illinois has formed a business-to-business relationship with a commercial litigation firm. The relationship will represent businesses on a contingency fee basis.
One of the early stories of this trend was reported in an excellent article published in the National Law Journal, July 12, 2005. The reporter cited a number of examples of businesses who make the switch from commercial litigators to injury lawyers.
Traditionally, most business-to-business lawsuits were handled by full service law firms charging by the hour. Hiring an injury lawyer was considered taboo. The injury lawyer just didn’t have the accounting, tax, patent or commercial background needed. This is a myopic decision by businesses who think that a trial is nothing but discussion of technology. These businesses have overlooked the fact that jurors themselves have no background at all in the technology. However, the jurors and the injury lawyer all understand the importance of a good story.
Rising legal fees have caused businesses to examine their litigation strategies. They are now looking to lawyers to share some of the risks.
Businesses also know that a courtroom savvy plaintiff’s injury lawyer knows how to try cases. The plaintiff’s injury courtroom lawyer is experienced in simplifying complicated issues. For example, the courtroom injury lawyer may never have been to medical school or mechanical engineering school, but certainly knows how to tell a medical malpractice story or auto defect story.
One prominent injury lawyer is of the opinion that businesses are chasing injury lawyers to handle their litigation and that tort reform has nothing to do with those decisions. That attorney repeats what corporate counsel in Colorado and nationally are saying, “All of a sudden, the negative connotations that have been directed to contingent fee lawyers over the last decade seem to have been overcome.”
A New York aviation and personal injury lawyer says, “Contingency fees are very attractive for companies that are trying to control their litigation costs. A contingent fee lawyer only gets money if he wins.”
At least one defense attorney feels that plaintiff injury attorneys are winning businesses over because of the lucrative verdicts they get, which are often impressive.
Some businesses form relationships with injury lawyers for a specific case based upon a mix of contingency fee and hourly fee. Additional arrangements require the business to cover the costs of litigation. However, a Colorado business seeking an attorney to share the risk never chooses to pay the attorney a straight hourly fee. There is at least a mix of hourly and contingency.
Corporate counsel knows that the plaintiff’s injury lawyer has a certain mindset – one that optimizes time and money, as opposed to the reactive posture a traditional commercial litigation firm takes.
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