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Two Judges Refuse to Seal the Record in Toyota Document Discovery Abuse Case

As a follow-up to my September 4, 2009 blog entitled, “Toyota Rollover Lawsuits: Automaker’s Former Attorney Accuses Auto Manufacturer of Concealing Evidence in Over 300 Auto Products Liability Cases,” U.S. District Judge George H. King, the judge presently assigned to the case, refused to grant Toyota’s request to seal the lawsuit in the face of Toyota allegaions that Toyota will suffer “further harm” if the complaint is not sealed. Just four days after the suit was filed, District Judge Christina A. Snyder denied a similar request by Toyota. In the latest denial, Judge King said “plaintiff’s complaint is now irreversibly in the public domain, as it is readily available on the Anternet. Therefore, sealing the complaint would be futile at this point.”
It appears, therefore, that the very specific and damning accusations of Toyota’s record withholding and possible obstruction of justice in rollover cases will remain available for the world, and especially for consumers and victims, to see. Read the entire racketeering complaint against Toyota.