Assistant U.S. Attorney Claims Puerto Rico Acting U.S. Attorney Has "Girl's Club" and Discriminates Against Males

As a follow-up to my article “United Airlines Ramp Supervisor Awarded $3M Damages for Airline’s Retaliation to Her Discrimination Complaint,” I see that an interesting alleged discrimination case has arisen in the Puerto Rico office of the U.S. Attorney.
Juan E. Milanes, a male Assistant U.S. Attorney, claims that the office of Rosa Emilia Rodriguez-Velez, Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico, was a “girl’s club” where male attorneys were discriminated against and were faced with a hostile work environment.
In his complaint for damages and other relief, now filed in the U.S. District Court in Puerto Rico, Milanes claims that when he was in the narcotics unit, supervised by a female Assistant U.S. Attorney, he was subjected to numerous acts of discrimination, and that his superior created a hostile work environment. Milanes further claims, among other things, that when he complained to the Acting U.S. Attorney, she retaliated against him by denying certain benefits to Milanes’ children, when the same benefits were given to her friends in the “girl’s club.” Milanes also claimed that his superior assigned him the oldest and weakest narcotics cases, threatened him with disciplinary action, and attempted to sabotage his trial work. He says his attempt to transfer to Kosovo was blocked by Ms. Rodriguez-Velez by the filing of a written reprimand on the day he was to leave.
Milanes was placed on administrative leave and forced to resign, an action he says constituted a constructive discharge. It should be noted that only the allegations of Milanes’ complaint are outlined here. Ms. Rodriguez-Velez’s version of the events has not yet been reported.
What is the moral here? Doesn’t the highest government attorney in a U.S. possession have to follow federal law when it comes to her employees? Is it not only businesses who sometimes fail to observe the law? Stay tuned. I will be following this case with interest.
Kudos to Michael Doyle at Suits and Sentences.

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