Back to School Reminder: Playground Accidents Can Lead to Serious Child Injuries

With school back in session and kids running around the playground during recess and lunch period, accidents can happen. Children who are roughhousing with one another or taking part in a pickup game of basketball or another sport might end up with scratches and bruises. There are also the kinds of injuries that can result during playground accidents. A fall from the top of the jungle gym or a sweater drawstring getting stuck on a merry-go-round can lead to catastrophic consequences.
Although these incidents sound harmless enough, they can lead to serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strangulation injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries that can change a child’s life forever. Granted, accidents do happen. However, some playground accidents might have been prevented if only the playground designer, the manufacturer of a playground ride, or the school where the playground is located took the necessary precautions to prevent such injuries to children from happening. This is where our playground accident lawyers step in.
Our playground injury attorneys represent the families of children who were seriously injured in playground accidents because of a playground-related defect. While playgrounds are designed for kids to have fun in, it is no laughing matter that, according to Safe Kids USA, about 150,000 kids younger than age 15 end up in the emergency room each year because of playground injuries involving playground equipment.
About 10 playground deaths happen a year. 75% of playground accidents take place in public facilities, such as schools and parks, as opposed to playground equipment in private backyards.
Our experienced injuries to children and minors lawyers can determine whether your child’s fall accident, burn accident, trip accident, or entrapment accident occurred because a playground product was defective or the playground was improperly designed, the playground was made with improper protective surfaces, such as wood or concrete, the playground is inadequately maintained, or the school playground equipment used is age inappropriate for the children who are playing there.
Young children may be old enough to go to school but many of them are still too young to play unsupervised. Inadequate supervision can create a hazard that may result in serious injuries if, for example, a young child who is too young to do so alone climbs the extremely high ladder of a slide and falls backward.
No. 1 Cause of Injury in Elementary School: Playground Accidents, Safe Kids
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