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Blog Posts in September, 2009

  • Compliance by Federal Contractors with the E-Verify System Became Mandatory Effective September 8, 2009

    As most Denver businesses with federal contracts know, effective September 8, 2009, compliance with the free E-Verify internet-based system, formerly voluntary, became mandatory. The rule applies if the prime contract for services or construction is more than $100,000 with a period of performance longer than 120 days. For subcontractors, the value of services or construction must exceed $3,000. ...
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  • 12-Year-Old Awarded $12 Million Tire Defect Verdict Against Michelin

    A jury has awarded a 12-year-old boy a $12 million tire tread separation verdict for injuries he sustained in a 2006 New Years Eve auto accident in Mexico. Jesus Guzman, who was 10 at the time, is now paralyzed. The tire was a Goodrich tire made by Michelin & Cie. The deadly motor vehicle accident happened outside Matamoros when one of the tires of a 2002 Ford F-250 pickup truck failed, causing ...
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  • $24 Million Auto Products Liability Settlement Against Chrysler Alleging Wrongful Death is Approved by Bankruptcy Judge

    A bankruptcy judge has approved a $24 million auto products liability settlement between Chrysler and the family of Richard Mraz. In 2007, Mraz’s loved ones won a $55 million jury award for the 38-year-old’s wrongful death. DaimlerChrysler, however, appealed the verdict, and the appeal was delayed after the auto manufacturer filed for bankruptcy in April. Negotiations between the automaker and the ...
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  • Bernard Madoff: An Epilogue The SEC Looked but Failed to See (Part II)

    In my last blog, Bernard Madoff: An Epilogue – The SEC Looked but Failed to See (Part I), I touched on a few of the revelations made in the Executive Summary report issued by the SEC’s. The report attempted to summarize how Madoff and his company were able to run such a massive Ponzi Scheme for such a long period of time without being exposed. I would now like to discuss a few more of the ...
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  • Bernard Madoff: An Epilogue The SEC Looked but Failed to See (Part I)

    Earlier, I wrote some blogs on Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of billions of dollars. At the time, securities regulators were trying to figure out exactly how Madoff and his company were able to perpetrate this massive fraud for such a long period of time without being exposed. On August 1, 2009, the SEC’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued an over 450- page report ...
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  • Mothers Florida Products Liability Lawsuit Against Simplicity Claims Crib Defect Caused Daughters Wrongful Death

    Two years after the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Connie Bergey is suing now defunct crib maker Simplicity for wrongful death. Her Florida furniture products liability lawsuit contends that a defect in the Simplicity ‘Crib n Changer Combo, a drop side crib her daughter Serenity was using, is what caused her death. Serenity’s head got caught in the crib’s frame. Two days after she died, a ...
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  • Court Rules That an Employer May be Responsible for Age Discrimination Committed by an Independent Contractor of Employer

    A September 10, 2009 decision by the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals holds that an employer may be held liable for age discrimination allegedly committed by third parties, including an independent contractor. Manhattan Apartments, Inc. (MAI) was the owner of an apartment building. Robert Brooks (Brooks) was hired by MAI as an independent contractor to interview and hire “Showers,” or persons who ...
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  • 475,000 Kids Under the Age of 14 Suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries

    According to EMS Magazine, some 475,000 US kids in the 14 and under age group suffer from traumatic brain injuries. While 90% of TBI kid patients are seen in emergency rooms and then released, there are still over 47,000 patients a year who end up hospitalized because of a TBI. Fall accidents, car accidents, and incidents involving the victim getting hit by or struck against a hard object continue ...
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  • Tips on Finding the Best Lawyer for your Case in Denver

    When your business has a complex lawsuit that you want filed or defended, how do you find a trial attorney who is the best for the kind of case you have and who is experienced and affordable? There are many areas of the law where not all of the lawyers with subject matter expertise (e.g., contract, torts, etc.) also have the ability to actually prepare and take a difficult case to trial in a ...
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  • Colorado Businesses Must Stay Abreast of National Fire Codes and Standards

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA©) has announced that in the coming months roughly twenty five percent of the nearly 300 NFPA© codes and standards will be revised. Construction businesses should become aware of these revisions as they happen, so that they can feel confident they are in compliance. Even a minor code change can have a major impact on safety. Further, even a seemingly ...
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  • Craig Hospital in Colorado One of the Very Best

    Denver’s Craig Hospital, a nationally known and respected hospital, now caring for spinal cord and brain- injured patients, was founded by Frank Craig in Lakewood, CO in 1907 for the treatment of indigent men with tuberculosis. Its initial name was “Tent Colony of Brotherly Love.” In 1909, the name was changed to Craig Colony in memory of its founder. In 1955, with the decline of tuberculosis, the ...
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  • Denver Businesses are Vulnerable to Compromising their Trade Secrets and Confidential Information, Part II

    In a previous blog, Denver Businesses are Vulnerable to Compromising their Trade Secrets and Confidential Information, Part I, I introduced the topic of the new era of spyware software. I would now like to outline what implications this may have on Colorado businesses. The implications of this spyware can be a very serious threat to a business’s trade secrets and other confidential information. ...
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  • Child Safety Seats Take Center Stage During Child Passenger Safety Week

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is sponsoring Child Passenger Safety Week. From September 12 – 18, parents can go to a free safety seat inspection station where safety technicians can show them how to properly install a child safety seat. Please click on the link provided below to find an inspection station near you. The NHTSA says child safety seat use is at its highest ever: ...
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  • Denver Businesses are Vulnerable to Compromising their Trade Secrets and Confidential Information, Part I

    Although cell phone spyware has been around for several years, few Colorado businesses or residents in general are aware of the existence of such invasive spyware, its capabilities and its consequences. The spyware software application must first be installed surreptitiously by someone on your cell phone. After installation, when you make a call or send a text message, a recording is made. An ...
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  • Toyota Rollover Lawsuits: Automakers Former Attorney Accuses Auto Manufacturer of Concealing Evidence in Over 300 Auto Products Liability Cases

    The outcome of more than 300 auto products liability lawsuits are now being questioned, following allegations by a former senior counsel for Toyota Motor Sales Corp. that the company made him withhold key evidence from plaintiffs who had sought recovery for personal injury or wrongful death. Dimitrios P. Biller has filed a federal racketeering lawsuit alleging that because he complained to the ...
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