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Colorado Businesses Must Stay Abreast of National Fire Codes and Standards

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA©) has announced that in the coming months roughly twenty five percent of the nearly 300 NFPA© codes and standards will be revised.
Construction businesses should become aware of these revisions as they happen, so that they can feel confident they are in compliance.
Even a minor code change can have a major impact on safety. Further, even a seemingly small oversight or error can have the potential to cause fines, project delays, or re-do’s.
One way to always be current on codes and standards and to protect yourself, your business and your clients, is to subscribe to the National Fire Codes© Subscription Service in one of various formats. This can be accomplished by going to the NFPA© website.
At the forefront of national fire codes and standards, our firm has a unique perspective on fire investigation. Partner, Paul Komyatte, is a member of the Genesee Fire & Rescue volunteer fire department. In addition, our in house engineer, Andrew Kim, is a certified fire investigator.
Please note that this firm has no connection with or financial interest in the NFPA©. We mention this organization and its publications for information only. As always, we stand ready to provide you or your business with sound legal advice should potential business litigation arise.