Denver Businesses are Vulnerable to Compromising their Trade Secrets and Confidential Information, Part I

Although cell phone spyware has been around for several years, few Colorado businesses or residents in general are aware of the existence of such invasive spyware, its capabilities and its consequences.
The spyware software application must first be installed surreptitiously by someone on your cell phone. After installation, when you make a call or send a text message, a recording is made. An email is then immediately sent to the person intercepting so that such person can listen to the live conversation or have it played back in full.
The spyware is so sophisticated that it can detect and send a record of call logs from the compromised cell phone, even if the phone owner erases the call logs on the compromised phone. And even more sinister, the spyware can pick-up background conversation even if the compromised cell phone is present but turned off. The cell phone I.D. of the person called can also be detected. The spyware is completely invisible and undetectable. The cell phone of the person called is tracked by satellite technology, so that the location of the person called can be pinpointed.
In my next blog post, I will outline the implications this spyware can have on local businesses.

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