Yet Another Colorado-Based Ponzi Scheme

We all know by now what a Ponzi scheme is. Some sharp hedge fund manager or other investment guru sells fund shares, usually to close friends and relatives, and friends and acquaintances of each, promising a higher rate of return than could reasonably be earned in a legitimate investment. Typically, the fund doesn’t generate earnings with which to pay the promised interest to the investors. Instead, money paid in by later investors is used to pay interest to early investors. It doesn’t take much imagination to deduce that this house of cards, so to speak, eventually will collapse. When it does, typically nobody gets paid back.
The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the body with authority to investigate these monetary funds. The SEC can impose huge fines on these bogus companies and freeze and seize their assets. Unfortunately, recent history has shown that the performance of the SEC leaves much to be desired. Click here to read about the breathtakingly inept and careless oversight that the SEC exercised in the Bernard Madoff debacle. To make matters even worse, it recently has been discovered that high level SEC staffers were busy watching porn on their government computers instead of doing the job for which they were hired. One lawyer watched as many as 8 hours of porn during the day.
Now comes an April 28, 2010 Denver Post article that reports that yet another $122 million Ponzi scheme has been discovered operating in Colorado. Sean Miller, a Greenwood Village-based hedge fund manager, said he was the only person involved in the wrongdoing. Although phony financial statements claimed $120 million in assets, there was actually only $15 million in a Morgan Stanley account.
As in all con games, experts say the so-called victims are oftentimes not victims at all. Lured by the promises of unusually high rates of return, these “victims” rarely ask questions about why the investment is consistently making investors so much money.
Will this never end?

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