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Our Year End Message to Readers, Clients and Prospective Clients

As another year draws to an end, we would like to extend our wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year to those who visit our website, either intentionally or by sheer accident, and to past, present and future clients.
This past year has been marked by economic distress experienced by far too many individuals and families, often due to unemployment and underemployment. A large percentage of our citizens are living at or below the poverty level, mostly because of conditions totally beyond their control.
Many small businesses have closed their doors, thus losing their hard-earned incomes and often their entire investment. Numerous large corporations have been forced to reorganize in order to help recover from or prevent huge economic loss and additional massive unemployment.
The causes of the severe downturn in our economy have been debated and analyzed to death and will no doubt continue to be disputed for years to come. At this point, do the political and other causes of the recession really matter to all those unfortunate persons who have been so adversely affected by the downward-spiraling economy?
This we know: our good countrymen and countrywomen have proven time and time again over our history that we have the resiliency and the determination to confront and to overcome adversity of all sorts. Economic conditions will improve. Jobs will be created. In the meantime, government and healthy industries must use their best efforts to ensure adequate assistance to those in immediate need. And those of us who are able should give generously to charity.
Hope is on the horizon; help is on the way; our great country will endure.