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Blog Posts in February, 2010

  • Colorado's Vicious Wiener Dog

    Be on the lookout for a wiener dog named “Spork,” especially if you work for a veterinarian. Deborah Takahara of reports on February 23 that the 10-year old dog’s owners have been charged by the City of Lafayette, Colorado, with keeping a vicious dog because Spork bit a veterinary technician on the chin during oral surgery (on the dog). The dog’s owners say that Spork is so cool he cries ...
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  • Injuries to Children: Pediatricians Want Warning Labels on Foods that Are Choking Hazards

    Choking accidents is the number one cause of death for kids in the 14 and under age group, and now, the American Academy of Pediatrics want food manufacturers to put warning labels on foods that pose this particular danger to kids. The country’s largest group of pediatricians says that at least one kid in the US dies every five day from a food-related choking accident. More than 10,000 children ...
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  • A Question of "Face" or Losing the Same

    Google, the most popular computer search engine in Colorado and in the U.S., has expanded into China to augment Google’s user base by over 35% of the market share in China. The only problem is that Chinese law allows its government to require the removal of links on the website that China feels are “subversive or offensive.” Google, of course, isn’t into censorship. It threatened to shut-down its ...
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  • A Colorado Woman with Honor and Integrity

    1160544_wallet_1.jpg Today’s blog has absolutely nothing to do with legal commentary, court decisions, or business law. reported a story on 02/15/10 that warms my heart. A Cheyenne, Wyoming couple saw a dining room set advertised on Craigslist™ that they were interested in buying. They drove to Aurora, Colorado, where the dining room set was located, with cash for the purchase. After ...
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  • The Scoop on Poop in Colorado

    The Denver Post reported on February 9, 2010, that a 19-year old University of Northern Colorado student was arrested and charged with attempted arson, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and illegal possession of alcohol allegedly for attempting to set fire to a bag of dog poop on his neighbor’s front porch. (Most of us remember this old Halloween trick of “make the neighbor stamp out the ...
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  • Toyota Acceleration Defects Now Allegedly Linked to 34 Car Accident Deaths

    Even as Toyota dealers are repairing most of their new cars that were recalled over a gas pedal defectso they are ready to be sold, now there is more bad news for the automaker. According to data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there has been an increase in the number of consumer complaints over Toyota’s vehicles in the wake of its recall of 8.5 million vehicles ...
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  • PSC Urges Consumers to Stop Using Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS Drop-Side Cribs Immediately

    The deaths of three infants has prompted the CPSC to recall all “ChildESIGNS” and Generation 2 Worldwide drop-side cribs. About 500,000 cribs are affected. Unlike other drop-side crib recalls, no repair kit will be issued. It is imperative that kids are immediately removed from these cribs. Trying to fix the furniture defectwill not make the cribs safer. The three babies that died suffocated when ...
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  • Legal Fees Charged to Corporations Going Up in the Economic Downturn

    A December study by the legal consultancy firm of Altman Weil showed that the recession notwithstanding, some large law firms are raising their fees to corporations by an average of four per cent in 2010. It is unknown whether or not Colorado law firms were included in the study. The hourly rate charged by senior partners in these large firms has gone as high as $700-$900 per hour. A local survey ...
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  • Big Day for Auto Recalls: Toyota Recalls 437,000 Lexus and Prius and More than 7,300 Camrys while Honda Expands Previous Airbag Inflator-Related Recall with Another 437,000 Vehicles

    Toyota Motor Corp announced two separate recalls today. The first recall involves a global recall of 437,000 2010 Toyota hybrids—Prius, Lexus, and Sai—over issues with the vehicles’ anti-lock braking system. Last week, the automaker admitted that there was a problem with the software that controls the brake system. Approximately 125 Prius owners have filed complaints about the defect, and the ...
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  • Former Boulder, Colorado Bookkeeper Given a Two-Year Jail Sentence

    Amber Turner, a 30-year old mother of one and a former Boulder, Colorado bookkeeper at Boulder-based Precision Phototonics, was sentenced on February 25, 2010, by a Boulder County judge to a 2-year jail sentence for stealing about $230,000 from her employer from early 2007 to the middle of 2008. Turner apparently spent the money on such items as ski passes, a Mercedes-Benz, lingerie, cruises, ...
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  • Toyota Prius is at Center of More than 100 Brake Complaints

    The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has received over 100 complaints involving brake problems related to the 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid. Brake-related complaints have also been filed in Japan. The Prius is the world’s bestselling gas-electric hybrid, with about 1.6 million sold around the world. According to Japan’s Kyodo new agency, the brakes may temporarily stop working ...
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  • Colorado Jury Awards $37 Million in Damages Against Insurance Company

    On January 29, 2010, a Boulder County, Colorado jury awarded $37 million to Jennifer Latham of Lafayette, Colorado, whose health insurance was canceled after the woman sustained severe injuries in an auto accident, including multiple fractures and a brain injury. Latham had purchased a health insurance policy from Assurant Health just five months before the 2005 accident. After she spent a month ...
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