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Colorado's Vicious Wiener Dog

Be on the lookout for a wiener dog named “Spork,” especially if you work for a veterinarian.
Deborah Takahara of reports on February 23 that the 10-year old dog’s owners have been charged by the City of Lafayette, Colorado, with keeping a vicious dog because Spork bit a veterinary technician on the chin during oral surgery (on the dog).
The dog’s owners say that Spork is so cool he cries and won’t sleep without a blanket over him. They also say that the veterinarian tech got too close to Spork’s face with some scissors, which scared the dog. Who knows? Maybe Spork just wanted to keep his teeth intact.
State law does not allow people who work with animals to file vicious dog charges. There is no such exemption under Lafayette’s municipal code.
If the owners are convicted, Spork may suffer the ultimate penalty of euthanasia, a fate which the owners say they will spend their life’s savings to prevent.
All attempts at humor aside, I hope the person bitten has a speedy recovery.
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