Legal Fees Charged to Corporations Going Up in the Economic Downturn

A December study by the legal consultancy firm of Altman Weil showed that the recession notwithstanding, some large law firms are raising their fees to corporations by an average of four per cent in 2010. It is unknown whether or not Colorado law firms were included in the study.
The hourly rate charged by senior partners in these large firms has gone as high as $700-$900 per hour. A local survey by Boston-based BTI Consulting in October disclosed that 15% of Boston’s law firms are raising their rates for 2010, while the remainder is keeping their fees the same as last year.
As I have written before, a corporation that is cost- conscious and result- oriented should look at the advantages of hiring a plaintiff’s firm that charges on a contingent fee basis, whereby legal fees are based upon a percentage of the amount recovered in a lawsuit. If the lawsuit is lost, the lawyer receives no fee. Of course, this type of fee arrangement is normally confined to instances where the corporation is suing another person or legal entity for monetary damages. If the corporation is the defendant in the case (the one being sued), contingent fees are usually not appropriate, although some plaintiff’s firms will fashion a fee agreement whereby the lawyer is paid based upon results in the case.
A corporation or other entity that is considering filing a suit for money damages should feel free to contact this firm for additional information on the various types of legal fee agreements available.
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