PSC Urges Consumers to Stop Using Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS Drop-Side Cribs Immediately

The deaths of three infants has prompted the CPSC to recall all “ChildESIGNS” and Generation 2 Worldwide drop-side cribs. About 500,000 cribs are affected. Unlike other drop-side crib recalls, no repair kit will be issued.
It is imperative that kids are immediately removed from these cribs. Trying to fix the furniture defectwill not make the cribs safer.
The three babies that died suffocated when they became entrapped between the mattress and a broken drop side. The incidents involve the 2007 Ohio suffocation accident of an infant, 8 mos., a 2003 Indiana crib suffocation accident involving another child, also 8 mo., and a fatal 2002 Virginia crib entrapment accident that happened when the drop side detached because the track was missing two of its screws.
The potential hazard can occur if the drop side’s plastic hardware breaks, leading the drop side to come off in at least one corner. This small space is large enough for a toddler or baby to move into and get caught in, posing a strangulation or suffocation risk. Entrapment and suffocation can also happen in the event that the mattress becomes separated from its support, creating the open space that toddlers can get trapped in.
The CPSC says consumers have filed an additional 20 drop-side accidents, which include two suffocation incidents and five fall accidents from the cribs, as well as a number of incidents involving the crib’s mattress.
Generation 2 is no longer in operation. Crib owners can contact the retailer that sold them the crib and ask for a replacement crib, a refund, or a store credit.
With the number of infant furniture recalls that the CPSC has announced in the last few years as a result of so many child injuries and deaths, there is no question that there are child furniture manufacturers out there who are failing to fulfill their responsibility to make products that are safe for use. The drop-side crib appears to be one product (for the most part) that is designed in such a way that makes it dangerous for kids. It is a tragedy to put your child to bed and later find that he or she sustained a traumatic brain injury or died because of a crib entrapment accident.
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If your child was involved in a crib accident involving a drop-side crib, file a CPSC report today.
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