Haiti Earthquake Survivors in Dire Need of Immediate Assistance

The recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck the impoverished nation of Haiti has killed well in excess of 50,000 and injured an unknown number.

Numerous nations, led by the U.S., have begun delivering badly needed food, water, medical supplies and treatment, rescue workers, cleanup and demolition crews and security personnel. One major problem is that the Port Au Prince airport is so crowded that many planes with urgently needed supplies are unable to land and often are delayed for at least one day.
As I’ve written before, when donating to a charitable organization, you should select one or more whose contributions are reasonably sure to get to those in need and are not severely diluted by high administrative expenses, graft and pay-offs.
The internet website charitywatch.org (The American Institute of Philanthropy) has compiled a top-rated list of charities involved in the Haiti earthquake relief efforts. Each charity is given an “A” to “F” rating, based on the portion of their budget going to program services and their fundraising efficiency. You should carefully read the information on the charitywatch.org website in order to diminish the chance of having your credit card number stolen.
In these troubled economic times here in the U.S., many people are financially unable to donate at this time. But if you are able to donate, give an amount you are comfortable with, given your own financial situation. Remember, however, that the need is critical and will be for quit some time to come. I’m sure that all donations will be appreciated sincerely.

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