Man's Prosthetic Leg Set on Fire

Yet another digression from my assigned duty of composing a Colorado Business blog dedicated to legal analysis.
A group of friends in New Mexico, Colorado’s good neighbor to the south, decided they would spice up an otherwise mundane drinking contest. They agreed –no doubt drunkenly– that the person who drank the least would be set on fire.
The unfortunate loser drank only six beers, after which the non-losers (for obvious reasons, I hesitate to call them winners) promptly set the loser’s prosthetic leg on fire. Quite predictably, the fire soon spread to the man’s body. The winners, in a semi-lucid interval, decided to take the still burning man to the hospital. Instead, they left him at the side of the highway.
Dona Ana County deputy sheriffs found the man, naked and still burning. He told deputies that he removed his clothes because of the pain. The man was taken to a burn center for treatment. His condition is unknown.
The thing about wagers like this is that nobody thinks they will lose. And yet, a loser there surely will be.
Moral: if you’re drunk and with friends who are also drunk, don’t make wagers that will result in the contestants only getting drunker, especially if you are drunk enough to allow yourself to be set on fire. And to the person who drove the man to the location where he was found, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, even with a burning man in your car. The non-losers will no doubt face serious criminal charges.

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