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American Hiking Society Celebrates National Trails Day

In surfing the net, I ran across an old article that intrigued me.
Back in May, 2005 the American Hiking Society announced in Aspen, Colorado that on June 4,2005, it planned a 13th annual National Trails Day celebration. Ivan Levin, Trail Programs Manager of the Society said, “American Hiking Society warmly invites members of the American Indian Nations to join in the fun and healing of Mother Earth on National Trails Day at our magnificent National and Urban Parks.”
American Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee, co-chair of Native Voices Foundation noted that “This will make Mother Earth and Father Sky smile.” She also commented that “US ski areas are graciously welcoming the tribes back to their beloved ancestral mountains to ski and snowboard, which is snowballing through the snow states.”
Some may say this invitation should have been the other way around.