Just an Old-Fashioned "Ass-Kicking"

This has nothing to do with Colorado. According to a June 8, 2010 piece by Ed Stoddard and Paschal Fletcher on Reuters.com, President Obama is very anxious to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the BP Gulf of Mexico off-shore oil leak. His reason? He needs that information to know “whose ass to kick.”
We all know by now that BP and other unknown persons in charge have failed to plug the leak, although BP has recently slowed the leak to some unacceptable level.
Because I am not in the business of writing political pieces, however, I have figured out a way to keep BP/Obama politics out of this article.
Instead, I have zeroed in on another likely ass kickin’ candidate: Helen Thomas, 87, who formerly covered the White House for Hearst News before her recent abrupt resignation. Ms. Thomas was caught on microphone talking to a rabbi at a White House function last week, saying that “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland and the U.S. and wherever they came from. Many of the presidential ass kickin’ backers probably agree that for these comments, Ms. Thomas surely is deserving of the traditional, albeit gentle, presidential ass kicking. Maybe she should volunteer to be a proxy for the as yet unknown, but more deserving, person at BP.
I know that some 87-year olds out there will suggest that I’m discriminating against seniors. This is not true at all. In fact, seniors are my favorite people. I’m sure you will agree that many 87-year olds say profound things, but not when the microphone is on. Still, that doesn’t make them immune from being selected for a healthy ass kickin’ from their kindly president.

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