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Blog Posts in March, 2010

  • Preventing Child Injuries: Infantino Recalls Over 1 Million Baby Slings and Evenflo Recalls Over 150,000 Top-of-Stair Gates

    Earlier this month, our child injury law firm reported on the warning issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that baby slings can be dangerous and lead to suffocation accidents. Their warning was announced following 13 infant deaths—3 of them in the past year. Now, Infantino, the manufacturer of the infant slings involved in the 2009 child fatalities, is recalling over 1 million baby ...
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  • Corruption on Colorado's North Metro Drug Task Force?

    In 2008, the North Metro Drug Task Force raided a number of “high-end” homes in the Denver suburbs, seizing millions of dollars in drugs and cash. The houses were used as “grow houses,” where marijuana plants were grown. As a result of the raids, Dan Tang, a politically connected Thornton restaurant owner was arrested, allegedly as the ringleader of and the person who funded the drug operation. ...
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  • What Happens When Cars Become Computers?

    I would not want to give up the advances the electronic revolution has allowed in automobiles. Electronics including computers help our cars run efficiently, decide when to fire front and side airbags, and even prevent loss of control through use of highly effective Electronic Stability Control systems. But we all know that computers have glitches. love my PC. But now and then it crashes. If ...
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  • Humble in Public, Vindictive in Private

    ABC News’ Brian Ross is a true journalist. He doesn’t just read the news. He goes out and finds it. He was one of the first reporters on the runaway Toyota’s story, and has dug in to find the facts rather than just relying on what others say in “he said, she said” journalism. For instance, he found out that Southern Illinois University Professor¬†David Gilbert had examined the acceleration issue ...
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  • What was Toyota Doing About Unintended Acceleration Five Years Ago?

    What was Toyota doing about unintended acceleration five years ago? Congress subpoenaed tens of thousands of pages of documents for its hearing on runaway Toyotas and has begun to sift through them. New York Congressman Towns has come across some memos he finds alarming. Towns has sent a letter to the president of Toyota asking him to explain the memos which seem to suggest that in 2005, about ...
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  • Toyota Guilty of Racketeering?

    Lead lawyers in the class actions filed against Toyota in Colorado and across the country are adding claims that the vehicle manufacturer is guilty of racketeering under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO). Plaintiffs in the initial class actions claim that the resale value of their Toyotas has decreased because of problems of unintended acceleration that prompted the ...
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  • Workers at Denver Water Say They Buried Toxic Waste

    Heidi Hemmet, an investigative reporter for Fox31 reported March 17, 2010, retired workers at Denver Water in Colorado say they buried hazardous waste near several homes and schools 20 years ago. One former worker says he and a number of his co-workers were ordered by the Denver Water manager to bury “cement asbestos, radiation asphalt” and other toxic chemicals at the Foothills Water ...
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  • Injuries to Children: 1.2 Million Graco Harmony High Chairs Recalled Because of Fall Hazard

    Graco Children’s Products Inc. and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are recalling 1.2 million Graco Harmony™ High Chairs because they pose a fall hazard to kids. The children’s products manufacturer has received 464 reports of screws and/or brackets loosening and/or coming out of the chairs’ rear legs. This product defect has resulted in at least 24 injuries, including head bruises, ...
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  • At Least 13 Infant Deaths Linked to Baby Slings, Reports CPSC

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning dads and moms that chic baby slings can be deadly. The commission says that it has investigated at least 13 child fatalities involving the sling-style carriers in 20 years. Three of the fatalities occurred last year. 12 of the babies that died were under the age of four months. Baby slings wrap around the chest, keeping the baby close to the ...
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  • Palin Family Availed Itself of Canada's Single- Payer Health Care Plan

    As readers know, I don’t inject politics into my blogs. Nevertheless, I found the following subject a glaring example of a politician’s inexplicable turnabout. The Huffington Post reports on March 8, 2010, Sarah Palin, in her first speech in Canada since resigning as Alaska’s Governor, admits that her family “used to hustle over the border for health care we received in Canada.” She goes on to ...
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  • Preventing Injuries to Children: Are Gas Fireplaces a Burn Hazard?

    With cold weather continuing to affect many parts of the US, people have been using their gas fireplaces to keep everyone indoors warm. Yet are the doors of some of these gas fireplaces poorly designed so that they pose a burn danger to kids? According to the Children’s Hospital Burn Center, in the last five years, the number of hand burns caused by fireplace glass doors has gone up by 50% with an ...
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  • As General Motors Recalls 1.3 Million Vehicles, Nissan Recalls 540,000 Pickup Trucks and Minivans and Mazda Recalls 12,300 SUVs

    It’s only Wednesday, and already three major auto manufacturers have announced recalls of their vehicles due to possible vehicle defects. Our auto products liability lawyers will continue to monitor these problems, and we ask that you contact us immediately for a free consultation if you believe that you or someone you love sustained injuries related to these issues. On Monday, General Motors ...
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  • Judge Reduces $300 Million Award in Philip Morris Case

    I wrote on December 7, 2009 that a Florida jury had awarded $300 million to an ex-smoker with emphysema. Cindy Naugle’s case was one of many formerly involved in a class action against Philip Morris. On February 25, 2010, reported that the trial judge reduced the judgment to $30.9 million, finding that the original award was “excessive” and “shocking,” and the result of passion on the ...
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