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Blog Posts in May, 2010

  • Senator Proposes Legislation to Ban Drop-Side Cribs

    After the recall of more than seven million drop-sides cribs, at least 32 related child deaths, and hundreds of incidents involving problematic drop sides, the lawmakers and the government is taking more aggressive steps to ban drop-side cribs. Last Monday, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand proposed a bill that would make it illegal to make and sell drop-side cribs. A similar bill is also expected to ...
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  • Unintended Toyota Acceleration Accidents May Have Caused 89 Car Accident Deaths Since 2000

    Revising its earlier estimate that 52 traffic fatalities had been linked to Toyota’s unintended accelerationproblems, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is now saying that the death toll over the last decade, at 89 car accidents and 57 injuries, is much higher. The NHTSA also says that since 2000 it has received over 6,200 complaints about Toyota and Lexus vehicles accelerating ...
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  • Target Recalls 350,000 Woven Storage Trunks After Toddler Sustains Traumatic Brain Injury During Strangulation Accident

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Target are recalling about 350,000 woven storage trunks after a toddler sustained a traumatic brain injury when the trunk lid fell on the back of her neck, pinning her throat against the trunk rim. The 18-month old’s parents have filed a products liability lawsuit against Target. Eric and Laura Surman say that when the wicker trunk’s lid landed on their ...
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  • Spork, the Allegedly Vicious Dog, Gets Reprieve

    I previously reported about a case in the Lafayette, Colorado Municipal Court in which the owners of a wiener dog named “Spork” were charged with keeping a vicious dog which had bitten a veterinary technician on the face during a dental procedure. I promised I would follow-up on the story when additional facts became available. In March 2010, a plea agreement was reached under which the charge ...
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  • Hyundai Ordered to Pay $1.8 Million Auto Products Liability Verdict for Teenagers Wrongful Death Caused by Poorly Designed Car Seat

    A jury has awarded the family of Sarah Goodner a $1.8 million auto products liability verdict for her wrongful death. The 19-year-old sustained fatal injuries during a rollover car accident involving a Hyundai Tucson in July 2007. Sarah and her sister Rebekah, then 16, were taking turns driving from San Angelo to Dallas Texas when the tragic car crash happened. At some point, Rebekah fell asleep ...
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  • Dont Tase Me Bro

    As a small digression from thought-provoking and sometimes informative legal topics, I noticed with interest a Denver, Colorado KWGN Channel 2 piece about a serious police matter in Ohio. It seems that an Alliance police officer began following a motorist he believed to be intoxicated. The officer had previously been told by a clerk at a convenience store that an intoxicated person had just left ...
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  • Toyota Waited 11 Months Before Issuing Steering Rod Recall in 2005, Says AP

    According to the Associated Press, Toyota waited 11 months after its 2004 recall in Japan of vehicles with defective steering rods before it recalled nearly 1 million T100 and Hi Lux pickups and 4Runner SUVs over the same defect in the US. AP says the automaker waited even after receiving reports from a number of US drivers that the steering rods in their vehicles were snapping without warning. ...
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  • California Federal Court Dismisses Investors' Lawsuit Against SEC for Madoff Losses

    Judge Stephen Victor Wilson, U.S. District Judge in the Central District of California, on April 20, 2010, dismissed a complaint filed by persons who claim they were defrauded by Bernard Madoff’s pyramid scheme. The investors’ complaint alleges that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) woefully failed to discover Madoff’s scheme long before Madoff confessed that he was running a pyramid ...
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