Dont Tase Me Bro

As a small digression from thought-provoking and sometimes informative legal topics, I noticed with interest a Denver, Colorado KWGN Channel 2 piece about a serious police matter in Ohio.
It seems that an Alliance police officer began following a motorist he believed to be intoxicated. The officer had previously been told by a clerk at a convenience store that an intoxicated person had just left the store. The officer observed that the motorist failed to signal for a turn and attempted to stop the vehicle. The driver then led police on a 100- mph chase. The chase was discontinued after the officer visually identified the driver and felt that the chase was becoming too dangerous.
stock-photo-a-photo-of-a-taser-gun-762342.jpgThe same car was later spotted by a Brimfield Township officer, who followed the vehicle into a motel. At that point recollections diverged. The police say that the driver began resisting arrest; thus, when Alliance officers came upon the scene, they hauled out their trusty taser and fired, hitting the motorist with one probe. Unfortunately, the other probe hit one of the officers in the hand, administering a five second burst of electricity to the officer. A police cruiser dash camera shows both the motorist and the officer writhing on the ground.
The motorist says he was not resisting arrest and that the officer who shot the taser–and not the motorist– was responsible for hitting the fellow officer.
As an aside, the motorist’s dog bit two of the officers, further adding insult to injury.
Moral: Do not drive drunk; do not tase your bro.

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