Senator Proposes Legislation to Ban Drop-Side Cribs

After the recall of more than seven million drop-sides cribs, at least 32 related child deaths, and hundreds of incidents involving problematic drop sides, the lawmakers and the government is taking more aggressive steps to ban drop-side cribs. Last Monday, US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand proposed a bill that would make it illegal to make and sell drop-side cribs. A similar bill is also expected to also be introduced in the US House.
Meantime, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that it will be taking aggressive steps eliminate drop-side cribs from the marketplace, as well as those that are already in US homes. 100,000 of the 500,000 cribs sold in this country in 2008 were drop-side cribs. Also, the CPSC is promising a new crib standard that would require crib manufacturers to make only cribs with fixed sides.
Our child injury attorneys are familiar with the serious injuries that can arise when a baby or toddler is left in a defective drop-side crib. We encourage you to explore your legal options for filing a products liability lawsuit or a wrongful death case if your son or daughter fell, became entrapped, or suffocated while in a defective crib.
Reasons why drop-side cribs cause injuries:

  • The drop side becomes detached from the rest of the crib
  • The drop side malfunctions and suddenly “drops,” increasing the chance of a fall accident
  • An opening gets created between the mattress and the drop side that makes it easy for a child to get entrapped in and suffocate
  • Difficult to understand instructions can result in improper installation, which can increase the chances of a drop-side crib malfunction
  • Crib parts made from poor quality materials are more prone to breakage and malfunctions

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