Shouldn't You be Living in Colorado?

A Harris poll conducted in September says Colorado is the fourth best state in which to live, following California, Hawaii and Florida.
2,620 adults were polled online with the question: “If you could live in any state in the country, except the state you now live in, what state would you choose to live in?” Colorado was favored fourth overall, and second in the 65 and older age group.
Not surprisingly, the top three states all have relatively warm climates. Colorado, on the other hand, tends to get chilly from late October to around Christmas and during March and April and sometimes really chilly in January and February.
So what features does Colorado have that makes it rank so high on the desirability list? For campers and lovers of scenic beauty, it has majestic mountains with breathtaking foliage in the fall. It has plenty of snow in the winterthus winter sports. It has wildlife herds that must be thinned and an abundance of fishthus hunting and fishing.
Most importantly, Colorado has clean, fresh air, except occasionally in the Denver Metro area, and it has a high percentage of nice people with healthy lifestyles.
So to all you folks out there, including those who have pride in your own state, do you think your employer might be willing to move your workplace to Colorado if enough employees ask? We’d love to have you.

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