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Blog Posts in September, 2010

  • FDA Announces New Restrictions on Avandia Access

    In a September 23, 2010 news release, the FDA announced that it will “significantly restrict” the use of the diabetes drug Avandia to Type 2 diabetics who cannot control their diabetes on other medications, and who are unable to take Actos, the only other drug in the thiazolidinedione class. These restrictions are a result of study data that suggests an elevated risk of heart attack and stroke in ...
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  • Owner of Segway Company Drives Off Cliff

    National Public Radio reports September 27, 2010, that the owner of Segway , a personal transport device, apparently drove one of his products off of a cliff and into a river, causing his death. Jimi Heselden, the company’s owner, grew up poor in London. He quit school to work in the mines at age 15. He made most of his money after he founded Hesco Bastion, a company that makes concertina barriers ...
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  • Ford SUV Rollover Lawsuit: Jury Awards Baseball Players Family $131 Million

    A jury has awarded the family of Brian Cole $131 million in their SUV rollover lawsuit against Ford for his wrongful death. Cole, a 22-year-old top prospect for the New York Mets, died on March 31, 2001 after he was thrown from his 2001 Ford Explorer on Interstate 10 close to Florida Highway 286. The punitive damages portion of the case was settled for an undisclosed amount. The jury also awarded ...
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  • Hyundai Recalls 140,000 Sonata Sedans Over Steering Column Defect and General Motors Recalls 20,224 Cadillac CTS Because of Air Bag Problem

    Two automakers have just announced voluntary vehicle recalls. Hyundai Motor Co. is recalling some 140,000 Sonata sedans because of a problem with the steering column that could cause a driver to experience partial or complete loss of steering ability. The cars affected by the recall were made between December 11, 2009 and September 10, 2010. Hyundai says that it will update the power steering ...
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  • Manufacturer Voluntarily Recalls Some Similac® Infant Formulas

    In announcing a voluntary recall by Abbott of certain Similac® brand powder infant formulas, the FDA says that the formulas “did not meet (Abbott’s) quality standards.” The September 22 FDA press release says that although ingesting the beetle-and larvae-contaminated formula does not pose an immediate health risk, it may cause “gastrointestinal discomfort” and a refusal to eat. See a doctor if ...
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  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Type II diabetics are now being told that the drug Actos, manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., may be linked to a higher risk of bladder cancer. The information comes from preliminary results of a 10-year study sponsored by Takeda following over 193,000 Actos users. This unsettling news comes on the heels of study results by the manufacturer of Avandia, an Actos competitor, that there may be ...
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  • Toyota Settles California Auto Products Liability Lawsuit Over Wrongful Deaths of Family Killed in Sudden Acceleration Lexus Crash

    Toyota Motor Corp. and the relatives of the Saylor family and Chris Lastrella have reached an out-of-court San Diego auto products liability settlement over the victims’ California wrongful deaths. Mark Saylor, his wife Cleofe, their daughter Mahala, and Cleofe’s brother Chris Lastrella were killed last August when the 2009 Lexus E350 that they were riding accelerated out of control to up 120 ...
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  • A Belated Follow-up to the Goldman Sachs Debacle

    “The SEC’s charges are completely unfounded in law and fact and we will vigorously contest them and defend the firm and its reputation,” so said Goldman Sachs & Co. when the SEC filed fraud charges against the investment banking and management firm. Read our original report here. According to The Washington Post, it now appears that “vigorously contest” means that Goldman will pay $550 million, ...
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  • Sorelle Brand Prescott Cribs Recalled Over Fall, Suffocation, and Entrapment Concerns

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Albee Baby are recalling about 130 Sorelle brand “Prescott” fixed-sided cribs because they pose a possible hazard to children. Simplicity Inc., a manufacturer that is no longer in business, made the cribs. This latest recall expands upon a crib recall that was announced last April involving Simplicity cribs. That recall was for both drop-side and ...
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  • Colorado Federal Appeals Court Vacates Rocky Flats $926 Million Landowners' Award

    As reported in the Denver Post, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in a September 10, 2010 opinion reversed a $926 million award made to an estimated 15,000 owners of property south of the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, a short distance northwest of Denver. The award was made in a lawsuit filed in 1990 and tried in a four- month long trial in 2006. The plaintiffs showed that their ...
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  • Avandia Health Concerns Crosses the Pond

    We previously wrote concerning increased heart attack and heart failure risks to those taking the prescription drug Avandia (Rosiglitazone). The drug, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is prescribed to Type II (non-insulin dependent) diabetics. The FDA has taken under advisement the issue of whether or not to increase warnings and precautions of taking the drug or to completely remove the ...
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  • CPSC and HSC Report 172 Child Drownings and Over 180 Nonfatal Swimming Accidents in US Pools and Spas Since Memorial Day Weekend

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Home Safety Council want to remind parents and guardians that just because summer is over doesn’t mean that they should be less vigilant when it comes to letting their children swim in pools and spas. Swimming pool accidents continue to be a leading cause of child injuries and deaths. Since Memorial Day weekend, there have been 172drownings and over ...
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  • What is the Purpose of This Blog?

    When this blog was first started, it was clearly understood that the subject was to be about legal issues of general interest. After all, why have a website promoting a Colorado-based law firm if the purpose is to entertain with tales of whimsy? This law firm, which primarily represents victims of defective and unreasonably dangerous consumer products pretty much all over the U.S., depends mostly ...
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  • Update on the Avandia/Actos Saga

    A Colorado Business Litigation Lawyer Blog posted August 18, 2010 reported on the SmithKline study that clearly showed that Avandia (a diabetes drug) had a significantly higher heart attack and death risk than its competitor drug Actos. Along comes a new study funded by WellPoint, Inc. that claims to show that the increased risk of heart problems linked to either drug is exactly the same at 4%. ...
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