Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Type II diabetics are now being told that the drug Actos, manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., may be linked to a higher risk of bladder cancer. The information comes from preliminary results of a 10-year study sponsored by Takeda following over 193,000 Actos users.
This unsettling news comes on the heels of study results by the manufacturer of Avandia, an Actos competitor, that there may be a connection between Avandia and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.
The Actos study appears to show that the bladder cancer risk is higher among those who have used Actos for more than two years.
The FDA has both drugs under study. It is unknown when a decision will be made. In the meantime, those who use either drug have been advised to follow the advice of their physicians.
And whose advice should the physicians follow?
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