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Owner of Segway Company Drives Off Cliff

National Public Radio reports September 27, 2010, that the owner of Segway, a personal transport device, apparently drove one of his products off of a cliff and into a river, causing his death.
Jimi Heselden, the company’s owner, grew up poor in London. He quit school to work in the mines at age 15. He made most of his money after he founded Hesco Bastion, a company that makes concertina barriers that are used to protect military bases and secure areas. The protection devices can withstand a car bomb and are in use all over Iraq and Afghanistan.
Heselden was a philanthropist who gave away 23 million pounds to various charities.
The unique Segway was marketed as a safe and simple form of personal transportation. It is ironic that the very person who owned the company apparently wasn’t using the device as safely as he should have been.