What is the Purpose of This Blog?

When this blog was first started, it was clearly understood that the subject was to be about legal issues of general interest. After all, why have a website promoting a Colorado-based law firm if the purpose is to entertain with tales of whimsy?
This law firm, which primarily represents victims of defective and unreasonably dangerous consumer products pretty much all over the U.S., depends mostly on word of mouth referrals from hopefully satisfied clients and their families and friends, and referrals from other lawyers. We don’t advertise in brochures, newspapers or magazines, or on radio, television and the like, or on billboards or buses or bus stop benches. Still, we don’t criticize lawyers who do.
But isn’t advertising on the web the same as any other form of self promotion? Not exactly. It seems to us to be just a little less irritating. And it’s a whole lot cheaper. But more importantly, it cuts out the middleman. Why should a person who is looking for a competent and experienced lawyer on a matter of importance have to rely on content that may be filtered through an advertising agency? We should be able to tell prospective clients about our experience, what our practice emphasizes, and what our track record is. We expect you to ask us questions and to ask around about us. We believe our national reputation will withstand your scrutiny.
That being said, stay tuned. Every so often, we’ll continue to inform about legal issues of interest to many of you. When we stray from that objective, we hope we can still say something interesting, or at least entertaining.
After all, don’t most of us already have enough serious matters to think about?

“Colorado Avanza Supermarket Cheats Customers, Admits Wrongdoing,” Colorado Business Litigation Lawyer Blog, posted 08/31/2010
“Supreme Court Reverses Case Involving Government Employees’ Privacy Rights in Non-Work Text Messages,” Colorado Business Litigation Lawyer Blog, posted 06/29/2010
“Yet Another Colorado-Based Ponzi Scheme,” Colorado Business Litigation Lawyer Blog, posted 04/29/2010


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